Sexual Assault Allegations Against Illinois Imam Stir Divisions in Insular South Asian Community –

The Islamic center in Illinois is rocked by sexual allegations
against the Imam. The article describes the crisis against a 
background that is all too prevalent in islamic centers around 
the USA.  The issues raised in the article merit our attention and 
need to be more openly discussed and cannot just be swept under 
the proverbial religious rug.

Nasik Elahi

Surviving on Delusions

Shared by Tahir Mahmood

Despite the change of guards in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan is continuing to experience the consequences of its chronic misdiagnosis of terrorism.

Take Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. Its government, led by Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has blocked the NATO supply route through the province in a bid to force Washington into calling off its drone attacks—on Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists—which it says result in the loss of innocent lives as collateral damage.

Few can protest against PTI because the rationale of its disruption of the supply route is based on an all-parties consensus in Pakistan against drone attacks. This consensus is based on yet another all-parties consensus tasking the Pakistani government with holding “peace” talks with the Taliban. Given the fact that 80 percent of Pakistanis, according to a recent survey, hate the United States, it appears as if Pakistan is set to pursue a Taliban-dictated change in its foreign policy. Another unavoidable perception is that, given Pakistan’s international isolation, the state is in the process of shifting its allegiance to the Taliban as legitimate rulers. The state survives on its robust delusion-dependency.



Amb. Munter’s comments

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Cameron Munter blasts US ‘callousness’ on Pakistan

by AFP

“The fact that we were unable to say that we were sorry until July cost our country literally billions of dollars,” said the former US ambassador.

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