A very thoughtful Rubai of Sheikh Sa’adi Sherazi in Persian and my translation in Urdu. Mirza Ashraf

قناعت می کنم با درد چوں درماں نمی بینم
تحمل می کنم با زخم چوں مرحم نمی بینم
مرا رازیست اندر دل ، با خونِ دیدہ پروردا
و لیکن با کہ گویم راز چوں محرم نمی بینم

Qana-at mee kunam ba dard chun darmaan namee beenam
Tahammul mee kunam ba zakhm chun marham namee beenam
Mara razaist under dil, bakhoon-e deeda parwarda,
Walaikin ba keh goyam raaz, chun mehram nami beenam?………………(Saadi)


قناعت درد پر کرتا ہوں جب چارہ نہ ہو کوئی
صبَر کرتا ہوں زخموں پہ اگر مرہم نہ ہو کوئی
ہے میرے دل میں خونِ دیدہ سے پروردہ راز اشرف
مگر کس کو بتاؤں میں جہاں سنتا نہ ہو کوئی


‘Traveling to Work ‘ Poem By Natasha Kazim

Traveling to Work


Hair all grey

Pulled back neatly

No fancy style

And then a plain face

with no smile


Tall and poised

Not impacted by the herd in fashion and bling

She stood there

Quite comfortable in her skin


And that lady there… had a creaseless face

Impeccably dressed

She radiated a lot of grace


Oh’ this cute baby in a pink bow

Her father was proud… it showed


…and the girl sitting there unhappily typing away in her phone

I wondered

If her day will continue in the same tone…


“Fulton”, they announced

And I left my travel companions

To go join others

Road full of suits and skirts

Colors and faces

In minutes forgotten, not leaving any traces!


So my day had just started

And I already left so many people behind

Because I was only meant to be with them

For just that much time


A lesson to be learned

If one has the wisdom to

No one stays with you longer

Than they are meant to


By: Natasha Kazim