History of Knowledge-Explosions — Part II

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History of Knowledge-Explosions — Part II

Post Greek Period of Knowledge


ABSTRACT: There have been two “Knowledge-Explosions.” In between these two periods of knowledge-explosions, there was a period of progression of knowledge, contributed partly by the Romans, but conspicuously developed by the Muslim philosophers, and scientists which made an enduring effect upon Western thinkers. The modern world is indebted to the Muslims not only for the revival of Classical Greek knowledge, but also to their own contribution to social and general sciences which helped in bringing about the European Renaissance. However, contribution by the Romans in laying the foundation of “philosophy of humanism” is a unique achievement which arose first with Cicero (106-43 BCE) and was developed by the thinkers of the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century. The Romans were proud of their “love of law.” For them their ancient customs and traditions codified into a unified law was the lifeblood of their empire. Throughout their empire, from England to Black Sea and from Spain to Egypt, one law ruled all men. … They, instead of promoting philosophy and science, were more interested in building roads to connect every region of their empire. They used arches not only for temples and amphitheaters but also for bridges and aqueducts which made possible to bring water from faraway mountains. … This does not mean that the Romans did not play their part in preserving Greek knowledge. They did translate Greek philosophy, plays, and many literary works of the classical Greek authors and thinkers into Latin. … However, the Romans were more concerned about establishing a strong state than promoting philosophical and scientific knowledge. But they spread the educational ideas of the Greeks and translated their know-how in the fields of ceramics, metallurgy, alchemy and many more themes into Latin. But they lacked interest in science and technology and thus did not contribute to any useful scientific invention and technological innovation. ~ MIRZA ASHRAF.

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