‘History of Knowledge-Explosions’ By Mirza Ashraf

Knowledge multiplies by the principle of reciprocity ~ Ashraf

History of Knowledge-Explosions

Part I: The Greek Explosion 

Abstract: In the history of knowledge, there have been two “Knowledge Explosions.” The first one appeared in Greece during the sixth century BCE, while the second began in Europe four or five centuries ago. But it is important to find out what is mystical about the Greek genius that their unique explosion of knowledge helped trigger a second explosion of knowledge known as the European Renaissance. In order to ascertain why it is the Greek-genius or what was special about these people, I would discuss here four out many important factors responsible in developing the intellectualism of great Greek philosophers. Firstly, it is the uniqueness of Greek mythology, secondly the geographical location of Greece, thirdly their ontology of being experts about being, and fourthly their history of fruitful conflicts.

Though Greek civilization, even today is considered a cradle of Western Civilization, but ironically the Greeks themselves, have not been its beneficiary. The only hope was Aristotle’s pupil Alexander the Great whose demise at the young age of thirty-two can be marked as a Greek Tragedy. But in fact it is not. Alexander the Great has loomed over history as an enigmatic legend. He, even today, emerges as a charismatic and surprisingly modern figure―neither a messiah nor a genocidal butcher but one of the most imaginative and daring military tacticians of all time. … However, there are many reasons for the Greeks to have not benefitted themselves from the light of knowledge which was on its peak for almost a millennium. … Two things had ruined their political system: first, the claim of each city to absolute sovereignty; second, the bitter and bloody strife between rich and poor with most cities. Above all, the Greeks made serious errors, not only about nature but also about human nature. Some of these errors had disastrous consequences, up until our day. It is also a fact that the second explosion of knowledge which began during the European Renaissance, modern man has also made serious mistakes, similar to those the Greeks made, which may ultimately lead to a major disaster for the human race as a whole. … … Mirza Ashraf

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