Lecture Discussion On Sunday September 27, 2015 (Talk outline )

Topic; My Travel to Greece-The cradle of Western Civilization yet closer to East than West-Past, Present and Future

Time & Place : 11 AM at 48 New Main Street, Haverstraw, N.Y. 10927 , Lunch 1 PM

Speaker; Fayyaz A. Sheikh     Moderator; Nasik Elahi

The talk will be an informal, partly pictorial, covering following areas;

  1. Cycladic Age-( 2600 BC-1600 BC) Early and Middle Bronze age.
  2. Late Bronze age-Mycenaean age ( 1600 BC- 1100 BC) covering Minoan culture, Gods and Greek language. This period was the historic back ground of Greek’s Mythology and Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.
  3. Greek Dark Age-Early Iron age ( 1100 BC-800 BC)
  4. Classic Greek Period-( 800 BC-323 BC) covering start of Democracy by Cleisthenes, ( Ekklesia, Boule, Dikasteria), rule of General Pericles, Golden Age of Athenian culture, Acropolis, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle.
  5. Hellenistic Period-( 323 BC-31 BC) Period of stagnation and decay. Introduction of Stoicism by Zeno of Citium.
  6. Conquest by Roman Empire in 31 BC to Current affairs-covering Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, beginning of Christianity and banishing of Pagan beliefs and Stoicism by Constantine the Great, history of Olympics and Greek Orthodox Christianity.
  7. Some parallels between Muslim and Greek history.
  8. Discussion on future.