Iran Nuclear Deal & New Regional Powers? By F. Sheikh ( Brief Thought)

The Iran nuclear deal has the potential to reset the relations button not only between USA and Iran but also between Saudi Arabia, Israel and USA.

The deal may be a clear signal from the West to acknowledge Iran’s potential to become a regional power. There is strong possibility that the West may encourage such a role by Iran as long as Iran does not threaten their interests. Iran may be ruled by mostly religious clerks, but nevertheless it is a major stable country in the region with well educated population. Saudi Arabia may lead the opposition to Iran because Saudi Arabia’s main concern is its minority Shia population in its Eastern region where most of its oil fields are located and is afraid of any uprising in that area. This may change the whole political structure in the region and Israel and Arab neighbors may join hands to oppose the re-emerging Persian Power.

In Europe, the Greece crisis has brought on the forefront the economic power of Germany and its willingness to use it without any qualms. It has set aside its previous hesitations, because of its past, to be assertive and yield to other European powers, especially France. It has startled the Paris and Rome. Roger Cohen writes in NYT “Europe, once again at a moment of crisis, faces the quandary of how to deal with German power. The German Question is back.”

In Pacific Asia and South East Asia, China is undoubtedly the regional power and world power. USA is encircling China with military and economic pacts with surrounding countries as well as boosting India and Japan to challenge China. India is dreaming of at least becoming a regional power.

Next decade will be interesting to see how these new political currents take a shape. It may be a different world.

3 thoughts on “Iran Nuclear Deal & New Regional Powers? By F. Sheikh ( Brief Thought)

  1. Dr. Fayyaz Sahib has presented a very articulate analysis and a positive outcome of the Iran and Western power’s recent pact. But a very important issue has not been touched. The Chinese building the highways through Pakistan in order to get access to Gwadar port is now going to be countered by building a fishing seaport on Iranian shore close to Gwadar. India, in anticipation of this is already in contact with Iran to build this port. It is possible a parallel route to connect Central Asian states through highways running north to south across Iran. This will help boost India’s economy, by having a trade route through the seaport to Central Asian countries. It can also provide a naval base facility to India or maybe USA, to counter China’s hegemony in Indian Ocean. We should not ignore, when USA becomes friendly with Iran and has entered inside the country, Iran will be facing similar problems, as we see Russia is facing today. . . . Mirza Ashraf

  2. I don’t think relations between Iran and USA are going to be friendly by any kind of deal. American foreign in the middle east is subservient to Israeli security and wishes. It has been so for many decades and will remain so. It is deep rooted in the American public. This show of strong difference on Iran nuclear deal is perhaps like two doctors trying to treat the same disease in a patient, one by surgery and the other by pills.
    Israel can have security, peace and ever lasting life if they accept the two state theory, accept the rights of the Palestinians and live peacefully with its neighbors. But so far they have chosen not to do so. Maybe, they want to grab more lands, but then it may be too late.

  3. Your arguments are very convincing and by looking at forceful push back by Israel and its entrenched backers in USA, one may think that perhaps Iran-Israel deal was a mistake.

    Mr. Obama reached deal with Iran despite same resistance and open hostility by Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states. I think nuclear deal by itself is a sign of rebuffing of Israeli and other pressures-which is not a small feast. One could feel and smell the venom of the opposition for the same reason-how dare Mr. Obama do it despite this influential opposition.
    It is not just the nuclear deal that is worrying the Israel, Israel’s backers in USA, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, but they are afraid that US-Iran relations may improve and and take precedent over other interests.

    The Nuclear deal is already approved by UN and other powers. If the deal is defeated in Congress, rest of the powers and UN will still be bound by the deal without USA. The USA will not join them, keep its sanctions and perhaps that is what the opposition is looking for-keeping US and Iran relations strained and USA stays in the camp of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    I personally think it is not just nuclear deal, but future US-Israeli-Saudi Arabia relations that are at stake and that is what keeping opposition awake. And perhaps that is what Mr. Obama is headed for,

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