A poem by Abid A. Kazi


Each one of us has its own opinion

Than why do we long for a union?


Each and everyday brings many surprises

Many are fallen and few do rise


Every turn in life meets bumps and bruises yet unresolved

How can we avoid is yet to be solved


No one wants to be at the center of storm

Solutions must be found in any form


We are confronted with so many tragedies which could be avoided

Alas we are failure in the end being divided


In the name of liberty many cross the lines

Help may be available yet we like to decline


Coming events always cast their shadows if we care

Looking other way is not the answer being fair


History is a guide for those who like to learn from the past

We are now living in an era being very fast


Be bold to share your fears among those whom you trust

Ignoring and hoping for solution on its own may be a burst


Abid A kazi