The Subcontinent Indo-Pak By Mirza Ashraf

In today’s world, in my opinion, the dilemma of Indo-Pak quandary is no more a regional affair confined to the subcontinent. After stepping into nuclear age the region with all its problems from economy to corruption, from socio-political to internal conflicts, and from terrorism to regional confrontation, is seriously impacting the whole world. Pakistan’s position is no more strategically geo-political, but is today geo-global. It is no more within the ideological range of regional intellectuals, even as great as Iqbal-Jinnah or Gandhi-Nehru. These great personalities have played their role excellently and to the best interest of the subcontinent of India during the time they were there.

If we view the current situation in our world, aside from the nuclear revolution, the cybernetic revolution has developed more rapidly than mankind could have imagined or foreseen a quarter century ago. With the advent of 21st century we have entered into a super-tech revolution in which not only human physical energy, that is man’s hands and arms having been replaced by machines, but also man’s brain and nervous reactions are now being rapidly replaced by the super-tech machines. Today the whole world is focused as well as involved in the situation developing in the subcontinent. For the world community, it is not a question whether Pakistan or any other country in that region, remains as one country or splits into parts, but the real concern is how this part of the world (Russia, China, Korea, India, Pakistan and now Iran standing in line) equipped with nuclear weapons and threatened with population explosion behaves on this planet. Global importance of Pakistan is such that the first step of Putin’s world tour will be in Pakistan.

I have often shown my concern that there is a famine of intellectuals in the whole world. It is partly on account of the cybernetic revolution which is day by day overpowering our brains and in a way is incapacitating our intellectual approach. Human being’s true intellectual output is the result of his co-natural approach of mind and emotions or to say in general words, heart and mind. I would say, it is time we have to stop viewing Pakistan geo-politically, rather we need to focus on this region as geo-global oscillator.

2 thoughts on “The Subcontinent Indo-Pak By Mirza Ashraf

  1. I have to agree to the concept of the writer to some extent that World should give Pakistan a stature of global embodiment who can disrupt the strategic planning of the super power/powers,but we cannot ignore its basic geographic location without that Pakistan wouldn’t be the Pakistan as of today.It is the only reason that makes it so distinctive in the region that all super powers want to have Pakistan in their side.It is unfortunate that we as a nation couldn’t materialized its benefits and lost in undefined destiny.Pakistan have been very unfortunate for not providing congenial nourishment of intellectualism.We rather adopted easy path to achieve the targets for which the nations spent decades and that path was not correctly guided rout to the height of helm of the affairs.we got ditched by virtue of our innocent blunders.I disagree to the notion that there is famin of intellect but do have strong feeling that if our nation accept the gradual way instead of rapid jump,we have the intellect and wisdom to cope with the situation and with grace of Almighty,we will prove that we are a nation of integrity.There is always light at the end of tunnel!

  2. Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.

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