IQBAL’S Rationalism & Realism in Metaphysics

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Iqbal’ s rationalism and realism in metaphysics.

Q: Why a preacher trembles on hearing Adhan
A: Because he lives in dichotomy.

Do not bank on the stereotype type translation underneath; inspire your minds on the account of your own consciousness.

Find out how big is the sphere of the consciousness. Consciousness of a golf ball size or any size beyond that is entirely a personal matter and very personal asset. The Q&A I wrote above is a fact and I have no hesitation in saying that.



O Lord! Strange is the piety of the preacher
He has animosity towards the whole world

Nobody has so far understood that Man
Where he is heading to, and from what source of ex nihilo he entered into this world (as a reality)?

the source the Night has obtained darkness
Is the source star has obtained brightness

The tale of compassion I hear in my favour
Is told by the sympathizer, really, is he?

Very subtle are the ways of the preacher
He trembles on hearing the sound of adhan !

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  1. Allama Iqbal is very important for the whole Muslim world. we need a special link in this web site as Iqbaliyat.


  2. Strange is the religiosity of the preacher, O God
    for he has contempt for the whole universe
    No one has understood thus far where man
    ends up or arises from
    The same source of the darkness of night
    is the source of the brightness of the star
    We hear the tale of our compassion
    from our own compatriots
    So weak is the ways of the preacher
    that he trembles on hearing the azaan

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