Why Israel helped create Hamas? & Why Hamas is rejecting ceasfire? By F. Sheikh


Israel, USA and other Western leaders are pressuring Hamas to accept cease-fire, but despite mounting casualties and powerful opponent, Hamas is refusing to accept cease-fire.

Hamas is a brain child of Israel, who helped to create it so that an extremist Muslim organization  would be counterbalance to the secular PLO, which was showing signs of success.  

Israel took Gaza from Egypt and West Bank from Jordan in 1967 War. In 1973 Israel issued a license to Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, to set up charity and religious organization in occupied territories called Mujama Al-Islamiya. With the support of Gulf States and Israeli Military, it prospered and developed vast network of clinics, schools and other welfare outlets. In 1987, with the blessing of Israel, it created a political wing Hamas. In the beginning Hamas leaders have regular contacts with the Israeli military.

Hamas started to show signs of independence and begin to get involved in violent resistance activities. Israel started to get worried, but Israel still considered Hamas useful to weaken PLO and divide Palestinian loyalties. But soon Hamas was becoming a powerful monstrous foe and blowing up on Israel’s face-just like America and West created Mujahedeen in Afghanistan who turned around and became self-created monster for the West.

Israel jailed Sheikh Yasin and later killed him with a missile. Hamas won elections in Gaza strip and Israel has been fighting Hamas for the last twenty years. PLO has no choice and it gradually moved away from secular ideology.  The current president, Mahmmod Abbas, is indirectly endorsing status quo and does not want much upheaval, which suits Israel well.

 Hamas’s alliances with Iran, Syria , and Muslim Brotherhood  ex-President  , Mr. Morsi,  started to come back to haunt it. Egypt’s President General Sissi closed all the tunnels and borders to Egypt and it hit Hamas economically and militarily.

Hamas financially broke and unable to pay salaries of its 43000 civil employees, agreed to merge with PLO on the terms dictated by PLO. Israel did not like this merger of enemies and started to undermine it. It blocked the payments of salaries and loosening of any border restrictions as per merger agreement. Despite the merger with PLO, Hamas and Gaza residents were still suffering with scant daily living necessities and civil employees working without pay. Qatar offered to pay the salary of all the civil employees, but it was blocked by the USA on the grounds that it is against American Law to pay to terrorist organization.

James Baldwin writes in one of his article that, the most dangerous thing a society can do is to create a human being who has nothing more to lose-one will do it, you don’t need ten. The most precious possession of a human being is his/her dignity. Hamas and Gaza residents were cornered and have nothing more to lose. I do not think Hamas will accept cease fire unless it’s economic and border restriction conditions are met. The Israel and its Western backers have over-played  their hand and are now in a rush to get ceasefire and return to status quo-a charade of endless negotiations while  settlements are expanding.

What will happen after current episode? The two state solutions is a fantasy which has no relation to reality on the ground. The West Bank is immersed with settlements and Gaza strip is separated from West Bank with Israel in between. In reality there can be only one state-either Israel or Palestine.  As the facts on the ground dictate, Palestinian cannot have a state, by default and by reality on ground; it can be only Israeli state. Sooner the Palestinians realize it, the better it is. They should abandon two state solutions, accept the Israeli state and demand equal citizenship rights. At some point, they may  even have a majority in Israel; and they may be even in better condition than a Palestinian state in Gaza and West Bank choked by Israel all around it. 


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Small Animals Live in a Slow-Motion World

Small Animals Live in a Slow-Motion World

The following article is taken from the latest issue of Scientific American

Time seems to pass more slowly for lighter animals with faster metabolisms

One “dog year” supposedly equals seven human years. But does one year feel like seven years to a dog? Evidence suggests that distinct species do indeed experience passing time on different scales. A recent study in Animal Behavior reveals that body mass and metabolic rate determine how animals of different species perceive time.

Time perception depends on how rapidly an animal’s nervous system processes sensory information. To test this ability, researchers show animals a rapidly flashing light. If the light flashes quickly enough, animals (and humans) perceive it as a solid, unblinking light. The animal’s behavior or its brain activity, as measured by electrodes, reveals the highest frequency at which each species perceives the light as flashing. Animals that can detect the blinking at higher frequencies are perceiving time at a finer resolution. In other words, movements and events will appear to unfold more slowly to them—think slow-motion bullet dodging in an action movie.

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An article from Aljazeera.

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Kiruna, Sweden – During this year’s holy month of Ramadan, when consumption of food and water is prohibited between dawn and dusk, how do Muslims observing the fast manage in the far north of Scandinavia, where the sun never sets?

An estimated 700 Muslims are spending Ramadan in the mining town of Kiruna, located 145km north of the Arctic Circle and surrounded by snowcapped mountains throughout the summer. Many of them are recent asylum seekers, sent to Kiruna while their claims are processed.

The sun stays up around the clock from May 28-July 16, which constitutes half of the fasting period this year.

“I started Ramadan by having suhoor with the sun shining in my eyes at 3:30 in the morning,” said Ghassan Alankar from Syria, referring to the meal just before dawn.

“I put double curtains in my room and still, there’s light when I’m going to sleep.”

Since there is no central authority in Sunni Islam that could issue a definite religious ruling, or fatwa, Muslims in the north are using at least four different timetables to break the fast.

Alankar sticks to Mecca time, Saudi Arabia, “because it’s the birthplace of Islam”. But he is worried about whether his fast will be accepted by God.

“I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing,” said Alankar, who arrived in Kiruna seven months ago after a hazardous journey via Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece. “Only when I’m in God’s house, if I make it to heaven, I will know.”

No dusk, no dawn

The start of Ramadan is determined by the sighting of the new moon, which  moves about 11 days back in the Gregorian calendar each year. About every 33 years, Ramadan falls at the same time.

A majority of those who fast in Kiruna follow the timings of the capital Stockholm, 1,240km further south, after being advised by the European Council of Fatwa and Research (ECFR), a Dublin-based private foundation composed of Islamic clerics.

Zero, 15, 25 or 45 hours, it doesn’t matter as long as you believe in what you’re doing.

– Hussein Halawa, European Council of Fatwa and Research

“In Stockholm, there’s day and night,” Hussein Halawa, secretary-general of the council, told Al Jazeera, explaining the decision. He was personally invited to northern Sweden from Dublin this year to experience the lengthy daylight and give advice.



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An article from Asia Times

The article in Asia Times is a study of the roles of Iran and Saudi Arabia to foment ancient feuds with modern means.  The so-called religious and social elites of the two countries are using their oil wealths and status to foment a historically  unprecedented Muslim fratricide that is changing the map of the region.  The two principal antagonists are waging their respective campaigns through agents of extreme nihilist violence.  What they are sponsoring is bound to blow back into their own countries.  The consequences for Muslim nations and global stability are profound

.Asia Times Online :: Iran, Saudis give battle on proxy stage