A poem by Abid A. Kazi



I see my shadow

While walking down the street


Sometime big and sometime small

I looked small as well as tall


Found my shadow to be a good companion as I walked

I almost tempted to talk


On the winding road I saw myself divided into half

Shadow was being formed as I laughed


My destination was coming closure and closure

Shadow began to shrink like a sleep for the drowsier


I had a good company as long as it lasted

One think did prove as nothing forever lasted


Love to enjoy your shadow as long as you can

On a cloudy day it vanishes as if it never was born


Art always protrudes as nature expands

All what we see on the canvases is very grand




Cellular Phones Or Tracking Devices

The cellular phones we carry in our pockets are actually tracking devices which not only tell our location at all times , but provide information about our current behavior as well as predict our future whereabouts. The authors in an article in NYT writes about the harm of these devices;

“What’s the harm? The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, ruling about the use of tracking devices by the police, noted that GPS data can reveal whether a person “is a weekly church goer, a heavy drinker, a regular at the gym, an unfaithful husband, an outpatient receiving medical treatment, an associate of particular individuals or political groups — and not just one such fact about a person, but all such facts.” Even the most gregarious of sharers might not reveal all that on Facebook.”

To read the complete article click on the link below:





A poem by Abid A Kazi


Failure and success goes hand in hand

Some feel sorry while others celebrate with a band


Fictions and realities are so apart

Wisdom may fail yet overcoming is an art


Denial is always first choice when we default

If we can only learn disappointment is not a fault


Empty words and empty thoughts do not go very far

Success will only embrace to those who work hard in raising the bar


Nations often confront each other for the wrong reason

Mighty always feel that destroying the weaker is a fun in all season


Inch by inch we move towards realty with fears of unknown

Nothing will bother you if you take advice from the one who have grown


Alternating the facts after crushing the fundamental approach towards end

Learn to be humble and modest and never feel shy to bend


Luck and circumstance rarely cross the path of your action

Face whatever comes in line because denial is not an option






Falling out of love ……

     A poem by Saadia Asad

Falling out of love ……  

I    am    the    dizziness    of    a    drunkard,

Fearless     soar    of    a    free   flight……..

I    am   falling     out   of   love !

The   air    that   breathes    upon    me..

The   dew    that   trickles   down      nature

Hold    a   rainbow   solely   for   me.

Moonlit   rays   walking   over    deep   waters,

Sunlit   shafts   piercing   through   my   heart

Glorify    it    all     like    nothing    else.

Free   free    free   of   invisible    chains,

Chains   of   great expectations, small   aims

High   promises   and   low   fulfillments.

Done   away   with    woos   and    woes

Unbound    of  pretty, but   petty    enchantments

No   more   a slave   of   wild   beatings   of   heart !

I   am   the  gush  of an  azul,  fresh , foaming  wave

Fun   filled    squeal    of    an   innocent    laughter.

It    all   is     nada     but   the   fathomless  freedom

Of    falling   out    of   frolics   of  fickle   love   !!!

Saadia Asad  07/07/2012