A social critique by Saadia Asad


I live in the city. I see all the blitz and glitz, tall, lighted buildings, wide roads carrying blazing, honking cars, shops keeping busy the buyers in filling their spacious bags……. I see it,  I see  it all…………..

Men leaving, lumbering for a day’s hard work, women waking up to daily chores, I watch it,  I watch  it all………….

Children…… all my thoughts come to a screeching halt…everything gets frozen……..   Children, all uniformed up for schools accompanied by their scrumptious lunchboxes, bags and parents……     I observe it…… I observe it all…………….

Who am I?  I am none of the above, yet I am a child. I am the rag boy , the same who wipes tables with a rag at roadside eateries, I am the rag boy who shines shoes with a rag at footpaths, I am the rag boy who cleans the dust off windscreens with a rag at traffic lights………….

Who am I? I am a child who crawls with bugs on wastes, I scavenge with stray dogs at dumpsters, I sleep out at night in the open with drugees………the night! Oh the terrible, terrifying nights. The nights with their gnawing, creeping, clutching hands, invading my privacy, depriving me of my decency………only leaving me to carry on with my work with the piece of rag. I endure it, I endure it all………

Where is the food for me?  Where are the clothes, the books for me? Where is the HOME for me? I am at the listening end of unfulfilled promises and receiving end of abuses. I bear it, I bear it all.

Look at me while I am wiping your windshields, shining your shoes, clearing away your left over food…… look into my eyes and answer it all:

I question, I question it all !

Saadia Asad


What’s Next!

A poem by Abid A. Kazi


Words are the messengers of our thoughts

Miscommunications were the reason for many battles we fought


How long and how far the peace prevails

It all depends upon our sincerity and ambitions which often fails


Ordinary people like us live on hope and promises being made

Always trapped by politicians making impossible actions on stage


When the dust settles down and reality shows the way

House of cards begins to crumble down with no stay


Millions unite to find the way out

Escapees try to find the alternate routes


History keeps on repeating yet we hardly learn

All said and done yet we are the one who gets burn


At the end of every deal we ask ourselves what’s next

Search may be on and always looking for the best


Abid A Kazi


“A life Worth Ending ” by Michael Wolff

In New York Magazine, Michael Wolff describes, in an open and frank manner, the painful ordeal his family is going through in taking care of their elderly mother who is bed ridden and has Dementia. Many baby boomers are headed towards sunset, and this article is worth reading to prepare for that journey and  ease the burden on children of making painful decisions by preparing a Living Will and Health Care Proxy.

He writes:

“The traditional exits, of a sudden heart attack, of dying in one’s sleep, of unreasonably dropping dead in the street, of even a terminal illness, are now exotic ways of going. The longer you live the longer it will take to die. The better you have lived the worse you may die. The healthier you are—through careful diet, diligent exercise, and attentive medical scrutiny—the harder it is to die. Part of the advance in life expectancy is that we have technologically inhibited the ultimate event. We have fought natural causes to almost a draw. If you eliminate smokers, drinkers, other substance abusers, the obese, and the fatally ill, you are left with a rapidly growing demographic segment peculiarly resistant to death’s appointment—though far, far, far from healthy.”

To read the full Article, please click on the link below!



Flight Of Thought by Mirza I. Ashraf

FLIGHT OF THOUGHT  ( a Ghazal in English )

Far away from the cycle of day and night,

And cauldron of sorrow or crazy lover’s delight.


Across the boundless space’s hidden secret life,

And farther still far from the reach of light.


Far beyond the realm, of sacred seventh sky,

Selflessness sways, holding in full right.


Where light is all blinded, it’s blackness full time,

And ‘Be’ and ‘Become,’ is process in full height.


My flight of thought in its fancy yearns to go,

To seek and find what is away from my sight?


In eternity’s quest, I’m graced all the time,

To probe what is beyond crazy love’s delight.