Question-How Muslim Children should cope with this anti-Muslim environment ?

Anti-Muslim anger and rhetoric in the West is at its height. The presidential election in the USA has made it worse. It is especially hard on children. In one incidence in Texas school, a student refused to sit with a Muslim student and the teacher did not object. Apart from discussing openly with children at home what suggestions anyone has to cope with this difficult situation?

Fayyaz Sheikh

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On 12/15/2014, the Editor of the Month asked the following 4 questions.

I agree with Marwan Majzoob that it is important discussion and in order
to make discussion more fruitful, I hope we avoid personal jabs. In order
to keep discussion focused, I have posed few questions. I would appreciate
the response.

1-Question for Marwan Majzoob; What do you think why the Renaissance was
limited to Western hemisphere and bypassed not just Muslim lands but much
of the rest of the world also?

2- Question for Babar Mustafa (A) Let us assume ruthless force is the
answer to enforce separation of State and Church. What are the chances of
getting another Ataturk in rest of Muslim lands, when history tells us
that most of the time selfish dictators grab power for personal interests
and it nourishes further extremism? (B) What is wrong with following the
example of Tunisia, Indonesia etc who have found their own unique way to
separate  state and religion and move forward?

3-Qusetion for Zaki Sabih; What do you think USA will accomplish in its
fight with ISIS and what is the right course in ISIS and Syria problem.

4- Question for-Aziz Amin- Do you think Secularism and separation of State
and Church will be the answer to Muslim’s current plight.

All participants, especially Noor Salik, Mirza Ashraf,Wequar Azeem,  Shoeb
Amin, Suhail Rizvi, Nasik, Aijaz, Mumtaz, Mian Aslam  can jump in and take
a shot at any question. Please avoid personal jabs. Thanks

Subsequently, the thread was closed by the editors.
These questions are important questions.
Will it be possible that these questions are posted  in ASK A QUESTION category?