Saudi Arabia’s Arab Spring

Interesting article in NYT shared by Nasik Elahi. Any shake up in Saudi Arabia that breaks up the ossified mentality is a good thing for the Muslims in general. I think prince is better off focusing on domestic reformation rather than getting into foreign policy trap of confronting Iran which is being ginned up by our Administration. Thomas Friedman supported Iraq war and would not mind supporting misadventure in Iran. (fsheikh)

Is it possible to reform the theocratic monarchy that has distorted Islam for a generation.  And what kind of impact will that have on the Muslim ummah. ( Nasik Elahi)

NYT Article

One thought on “Saudi Arabia’s Arab Spring

  1. The most hopeful news coming out of Saudi Arabia in my life time. If even half of this is true and comes to pass, I’ll feel much better being a Muslim.

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