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  1. This is the power of Google and Internet.
    I Googled “Muhammad’s wives”.
    The result is posted here. I read it once. I found this info not too much biased. I will read it multiple times to have some in depth understanding.

    Here is what I remember now.
    Rasool-e-Pak married 13 women in his life time.
    Only two passed away during his life – 11 were still alive at his death.
    His wives were living with him in 11 rooms whose length and breadth were 7.5 × 5.5 feet with coarse blankets hanging on the doors for privacy. {I will stand corrected by other TFUSA affiliates, if I am not correct}.

    At the time of marriage with prophet only 2 ladies were not married, 11 were either widow or divorced.

    Except Hazrat Fatima, all children died before the death of Rasool-e-Pak.

    One wife of Rasool-e- Pak had a skill of dealing with animal skins. She continued working with animal skins throughout her life – even being wife of Rasool-e-Pak.
    After Rasool-e-Pak’s death, when the first copy of Quraan was compiled, Hazrat Abu Bakar gave that copy to Hazrat Hafsa (daughter of Hazrat Umar and not to Hazrat Aisha his own daughter.
    After the death of Rasool-e-Pak Hazrat Abu Bakar was elected as caliph. There were 11 wives including his own daughter Hazrat Aisha and Rasool’s one daughter Hazrat Fatima.

    The article says it clearly that based on Rasool-e-Pak saying, his belongings were not distributed among his wives and daughter.
    Here is the question now.
    Being a caliph did he set up special stipends for Rasool-e-Pak’s wives or what was the arrangement for Rasool’s wives survival expenses?

    Did he take care of his own daughter Hazrat Aisha after Rasool’s death or she was in the same category as other 10?
    We need to know.

    Hazrat Fatima did not get Bagh-e-Fidak for the same reasons. But Hazrat Fatima was an adult and married to Hazrat Ali at the death of Rasool-e-Pak.

    According to Hazrat Abu Bakar, Rasool-e-Pak stated clearly that his belongings should go to charities after his death, according to Rasool -e-Pak’s instructions.

    to be continued.
    nSalik {Noor Salik}

  2. The following scholarly comment is by
    Arif Mumtaz:
    The holy Prophet did marry 13 times.

    -Hazrat Khadija was his only wife during the first 13 years of nabooat, all the
    rest of the marriages happened in the last 10 years.

    -Hazrat Khadeeja and Hazrat Zainab were the only two to die in the Prophets lifetime

    – Hazrat Aisha was the only one not previously married.

    – All the wives had Hujras , built next to each other , along the western wall of
    Masjid e Nabvi.
    -Of his children, 4 daughters and 2 or 3 sons, Hazrat Fatimah was the only one
    living at the time of his death, she died 3 months later.

    -Hazrat Abu Bakar, after becoming caliph , respectfully removed all the Holy wives
    from their Hujras and gave them proper houses and a generous stipend to live on ,
    they all, including Hazrat Aisha, received this pension till their end.

    Hazrat Aisha was 18 years old when she was widowed, she was the last one to pass
    away, at the age of 64.

    Arif Mumtaz

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