“Virginia White Supremacist March & American Nations” by F.Sheikh

Recent White Supremacist march in Virginia is not a surprise and most likely it will be repeated more frequently in the future. To understand the core mindset of Deep South and why they want to continue civil war and treat confederate era statues as their shrines, you have to read book by Colin Woodard , American Nations. Dr. Shoeb recently wrote a great book review (http://www.thinkersforumusablog.org/archives/9452/comment-page-1#comment-10549) on our site.

Deep South states, since colonization period, believed that white is a superior race and it is in the best interest of other inferior races, especially blacks, to accept this and white masters can take care of them better than they can do on their own. The Southern Methodist Church sanctified this ideology. They believed in hierarchy, aristocracy and individuality as compared to communal living and common good. These believes were driven by economics interests of racist whites on the backs of free black slave labor. These believes and economic interests were threatened with the election of Abraham Lincoln that led to secession campaign and civil war by Deep South and its allies.

New England states, led by Massachusetts, were colonized by migrants from East England who were mostly educated and believe in community and common good instead of individual interests and good. They built schools, Universities ( Harvard) hospitals, churches and other infrastructure. They were forceful opponent of slavery and advocates of liberal ideas. After American-Mexican War they were joined by California and Western coastal states in advance of this ideology.

Deep South lost the civil war, and later 1960’s civil rights’ success gave another blow to these racists believes. After victory at civil war , New England and their allies were successful in implementing their liberal ideas at federal level but Deep South always resented it and considered it imposed ideology at them and never gave up their core believes.

Since the independence, there is continuous struggle between two competing groups (Deep South and its Allies Vs New England and its allies) that is trying to control Federal resources to advance their agenda.

Mr. Woodard explains in his book that there are overall eleven different nations in USA and their core thinking has not changed since colonization despite more immigration in those areas. Other nations end up supporting either Deep South or New England group at federal level depending on their own interests.

Polarization between these two groups is increasing and it is not farfetched that in the future it may come to a head and lead to a disintegration- especially if there are increasing numbers of angry economically depressed middle-class ready to be exploited and always quick to blame the other group for their ills. As Dr, Shoeb also writes in his review, that if it can happen in Soviet Union, it can happen in North America. If that happens, I think you are better off living in one of the New England and its allies states than in Deep South.



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  1. I have since re-read the book since it clarifies so many things about our political, racial and cultural differences. And when I wrote that review I had not read the last 2-3 chapters and they explain how Canada as a whole turned out so different from the US.

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