What is American Identity? Brief thought By F. Sheikh

Few days ago, Andrew Sullivan, a conservative British born American author and blogger, lamented in a TV interview that Britain will have about 600,000 new immigrants in 2017 and British identity is being lost. He further complained that we are losing American Identity. I was hoping the host, Chuck Todd, will ask “what is American Identity?”. But unfortunately he did not. What is American Identity? I have hard time defining it myself. Is being ‘white’ first requirement to fit into American identity? Mr. Andrew Sullivan himself immigrated from Britain, but he has no problem in claiming American identity, but on what basis?

There is similar hot discussion in Germany and other western countries about losing identity of their respective country due to immigrants, but no one is clear about what this identity mean?

Anna Sauerbery, a German journalist, wrote an article in NYT on losing German culture and identity. Muslims are the main focus in such discussion. She writes;   

Germany should finally do away with its “neutrality laws” and allow judges and teachers to wear head scarves. Germany should accept that putting your hand on your heart can be as much a gesture of respect as a handshake. Germany will have to accept that respecting the law is enough. Germans will have to accept habits and thoughts that are unfamiliar or even disturbing. Not because we accept them, but because we probably won’t change them.

In accepting pluralism, we will truly live up to our constitutional values. A guiding national culture that grants room for dissent and deviation within the boundaries of the law would be strong and convincing — to the newly arrived and the dog-tired. It is the German lack of liberalism, not mashed potatoes with spinach and eggs, that constitutes our Piefigkeit.

In my opinion ‘American Identity’ is to be faithful and loyal to country above everything else, follow its laws and fulfill civic responsibilities. Everything else falls into personal matters. Same is true about British, German or any other western country who claim to be liberal democratic country.




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  1. American Identity means generosity, helpfulness, compassion and can-do attitude. Living in US for the last several decades that’s what I noticed in people I worked with and interacted. One thing which struck me as a fresh arrival was the critical attitude of Americans towards their government, society, and culture. I tried myself to adopt some of these attributes. That’s what all new immigrants should aim at. I guess you can do that with a beard or in a burqa. If people can tolerate half shaved female heads with purple color (the other day I noticed a young lady with purple hair and head partly shaved) then what’s wrong with beards and burqa.

  2. Today the question of “American Identity” or–as I believe–a person’s identity in any other country or part of the world is loosing it’s meaning. Every where in the world, IT is evolving individuals rapidly changing the meaning of human existence. Humanity is abandoning the process that created it–natural selection or intelligent design–and is directing its own evolution by volitional selection. Today, human beings, unconcerned with bio-natural, geographical, geo-political or national bindings, are involved in the process of redesigning their biology and nature as they wish to be. With iPhone and iPod in every one’s hands, each one of us is becoming independently a complete individual, unconcerned with the familial, social, and national connections. Thus, day by day, regional or national identity is loosing its role every where in the world but prominently in Europe and America.


  3. Yes, as an American it can be done in burqa, or beard, or by a purple haired female with partly shaven head. But the burqa clad Muslim woman and bearded Muslim Americans are mobile contagion spreading a noiseless virus of demanding Sharia Law (soundless for now but soon to be vocal and loud) and other such deadly spores currently incubating in their Wahabi brains, to contaminate this land of peace, liberty, equal opportunity and guaranteed justice. The purple haired female carries no such germs.

    • Wequar Sahib is indulging in the same generalization and denigration that I have been complaining about recently, which complaint caused Babar Sahib to leave TF. That generalization reflects a basic hatred of everything to do with religion. I am not the most religious person nor do I much care for the burqas and the long unruly beards but that is just my opinion; I do not have any hatred towards those folks. So saying that ALL burqa clad women and bearded men are “mobile contagion…. ” is just not appropriate. Being the editor this month I approved the posting of Wequar Sahib’s comment partly because we were recently criticized for not posting “liberal” comments. But MY opinion is that his comment cannot be called “liberal” but more like offensive to a lot of people. If it was offensive but true I would have no issue with it; it just is NOT true that all burqa/bearded folks are “mobile contagion”.

  4. Wequar Sahib, for Reason’s sake reflect your intellectualism on the real problem. In less than five months, five important Executives have been fired and the sixth one is waiting to be fired soon. Is this American way and American Identity? Give us your intelligent out put as why a silent majority is watching this situation? Above all why the GOP is still supportive of the president who is playing the game of firing and hiring? How do you, as a citizen of this country, see your country moving to the right or wrong direction?

    Mirza Ashraf

  5. Mirza Sahib made an interesting point that due to globalization national identity is being diluted everywhere. But still the question is what is National identity, especially American Identity, that is being diluted? How it is defined? If it is not definable how we can judge that it is being diluted?
    Generosity and other such morals are personal and so is preaching Sharia, Christianity, Judaism and atheism. Everyone has the right to preach their ideology. Some companies, Haguea Hardwwods , use Christianity laws in arbitration to settle their consumer disputes. I do do not think these are part of National Identity.

  6. The father of “American Identity” is Thomas Paine (1737-1809) who, being the first thinker used the term “United States of America” introducing a new form of democratic republicanism. He expounded, “The cause of America is, in great measure, the cause of all mankind.” He defined his socio-political philosophy through his doctrine of natural harmony of individual interests, believing that man is naturally designed for society. His famous sayings, “society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness,” and “all men are born with equal rights” strongly advocated the end of slavery. He was a passionate exponent of universal male suffrage, which helped develop “American Identity” as a “Universal Identity”– a universal nation struggling and fighting for the causes far beyond America’s national cause. MIRZA ASHRAF

  7. Both words, country and a country’s identity, are recent concepts. A thousand years ago a country had amorphous borders and whatever it was depended on which empire currently ruled it. And most countries we know now didn’t exist or certainly not in their current form. So too, the definition of a country’s identity; there was no need for such a thing. People, who in the course of evolution and human migration, ended up in a certain place, were mostly homogenous in each “country”. There were no Bantu Pygmies living in the Scandinavian countries nor were there Somalis and East Asians living among the Native Indians. So the identity of a “country” was never an issue.

    That homogeneity was disrupted by easier means of travel between countries where huge masses of people from one country, from different backgrounds of color, race, religion etc. now come to live in a place which until now was homogenous That’s when the question of “identity” comes in. And in recent times mostly darker skinned people from poorer countries with vastly different religious and social beliefs have migrated to “Western” countries. And a lot of people in those latter countries have started worrying about the identity of their countries. America is no exception.

    I personally feel the the “American Identity” at least over the last 400 years was Eurocentric, mostly White, Christian, Anglo Saxon. It was Europeans that settled the country – even though it meant the brutal suppression and annihilation of the Native Indians; it was them that fought the Revolutionary War and gained independence and it was them that established the Constitution, the separation of State and religion, the three branches of govt. with their checks and balances and them that devised the Bill of Rights. And the prosperity of the country came from that framework. Immigrants who came here to escape POLITICAL & RELIGIOUS persecution and who were Europeans themselves in general blended completely with the local culture – political, social, religious. Even non Europeans who came here legally blended well with the mainstream but not as well as the former and were/are still considered the “other” in spite of their many contributions.

    It was the arrival of millions of mostly non White, mostly uneducated or undereducated, mostly illegal immigrants that brought the “loss of American identity” into focus. And even though most people who raise that issue are racially motivated, I don’t think Andrew Sullivan is one of them. And it’s true the the “American identity” has already changed (we went from melting pot to a salad bowl) and is in for even more changes as immigrants pour in who may never completely blend in. Now we essentially have two official languages; what if we someday have 4 or 5. Such events have usually led to “balkanization” of a country. And even though it sounds racist the dilution of the original work ethic, the social and moral code, the MOSTLY law abiding citizenry is worrisome even to me. The reasons I decided to stay in this country in the 70’s are not the same today.

    • Comment by Wequar Azeem
      > –
      > Beautiful summation by Dr Shoeb Amin of how the concept of any country’s
      > identity evolved over the years.
      > United States of America being the only country and nation formed entirely
      > by immigrants, has a unique situation, quite different from other
      > countries of the world where they have one language, one culture, one
      > tradition, and commonality of aspirations.He however did not mention the
      > additional impacts of internet communication, social media dynamics with
      > spread of sentiments in split seconds and the widening of news canvas
      > covering the entire globe in an instant. The combined effects of these
      > factors and their speedy culminations subject the national identities of
      > most countries including the USA like never before in human history.

      Comment by Suhail Rizvi
      > Let’s think about the American Identity from the point of view of a black
      > American (Black Lives Matter) and the native “Ameri-Indian who has lost
      > everything.???*****Suhail

      Comment by Nasik Elahi

      US is a country of immigrants that blended universal diversity under one
      language and set of constitutional values. The requirement has loosened
      in recent decades with Spanish as a defacto second language and a looser
      assimilation of other migrant groups. In a sense the Trump phenomenon is
      a reaction where his supporters want to define the older standard of
      citizenship. The old ways carry a lot of baggage of bigotry and so the
      battle lines get drawn to define the new citizen.


      Yes, speaking of languages, as Dr. Amin pointed outcurrently there are two
      dominant languages in America: English and Spanish.However, the scene is
      changing very fast both in New York and California.NYC Police Dept. says
      the Borough of Queens has 132different languages spoken by immigrants from
      140 countries and 176 languagesare spoken by students in the city’s public
      schools. The most unusual social adaptation scene inhuman civilization
      occurs within the five miles from Astoria to Forest Hills inQueens, when
      residents converse in several different languages: Greek,Filipino, Urdu,
      Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Lithuanian, and some are moreobscure like
      Chavacano, Waray-Waray, Minangkabau, and Bukharian. The Endangered
      Language Alliance (ELA)considers Queens the capital of linguistic
      diversity for the human species.In California, according to the latest US
      Bureau of Censes, the mostcommonly spoken languages of people older than
      age 5 are: Spanish, Chinese,Tagalog, Vietnamese. Korean, Farsi, Armenian,
      Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Khmer,Cambodian, Hmong and Laotian.
      The New York State Unified Court System and New Jersey Judiciary provides
      interpretation services for 40 different languages to petitioners who do
      not speak English.

      Azeem Farooki

  8. Comment by Imtiaz Bokhari submitted via an email.

    Hi, TFUSA Members,

    Americans Identity is much more then members expressed. I did research on Google and read some scholarly papers on this subject, they perceive differently.

    American Identity: Ideas, Not Ethnicity. Since the United States was founded in the 18th century, Americans have defined themselves not by their racial, religious, and ethnic identity but by their common values and belief in individual freedom
    American cherish fundamental values unique to this country like Bill of Rights

    Its Freedom and Democracy

    It is in constant state of evolution, with the advent of technological development, medicine, innovations, and cyber security advancement.
    The Bill of rights provides freedom of expression Bill of Rights with 10 amendments those safe guard basic rights.

    Hard work, perseverance, freedom and determination to better their lives

    We all came from different countries but pursue happiness

    America is melting pot where all ethnic identifies merge with flow of new ideas and freedom, in which each immigrants group retains distinctiveness and enriches the whole America.

    Separation of Church and State enshrined in the Constitution

    US constitution encompasses unique pattern of democracy, where all constitutional rights and branches of government are clearly defined, unique in the world. Three branches of governments strictly follow the rules laid down in the Constitution.

    (Executive, Judiciary and Congress branches work in concert with each other, without interfering with the other branch, Us Constitution clearly laid out “Checks and Balances Theory)

    American Individualism and Tolerance unique to only this country

    Americans respect the “Self- made” man and woman like President Obama overcome great obstacles to achieve success.

    In this country individuals craft their own definitions of success like Apple, Google and Facebook, CEO’s who dropped out of college and made a fortune only in this country

    Americans hold differing political beliefs and hold divergent life styles and insist upon individual freedom

    Imtiaz Bokhari

  9. Its seems that some of the commentators are lamenting the “dilution” or probably they meant the deterioration of the White American concept of American Identity. There is a hint towards colored , lazy hordes disrupting the comfort and the idyll of the American Paradise. Do not forget the initial wealth and prosperity of America was built on the “free” labor of black slaves and the free land usurped from the indigenous inhabitants. The “illegal Immigration” is abetted to some extent by the industry and to some extent the elites who enjoy the cheap labor of Mexicans and other southern immigrants. You , me ,and others too utilize this cheap labor of illegals to great extent.

    Historically the Americans always complained against the new immigrants even from European countries such as Italy, Ireland, and even Germany. This ire has now turned on the Muslims and South Asians. In my opinion racism is under the surface of all lamentations about American Identity. Let us ask a black American, who fears for the safety of his grown son, at the hands of police. Even Obama said something like if he had sons he would be worried.

    American Identity is safe with the Pakistani/Somali/Haitian cabby who hustles all day long on the streets of New York City and the Mexican guy working the restaurant oven in sweltering July heat, and at a different level by young Asian/South Indian IT kids plying Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. They may not look like what the American Identity visual attribute may be but they are sure carrying it out in spirit.

    • I never had visions of “colored, lazy hordes disrupting … the idyll of American Paradise”. I am aware of the evils of slavery and the suppression of the Natives. First of all let’s be clear that we are talking about American identity and those evils are part & parcel of that identity. But what is the overall identity of the country that brought you and me here BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY which identity made us STAY here and raise our children here? That “white” identity has many stains on it ;I never meant to say that that identity was perfect. But point me to a country with a better overall identity.

      • The following article was shared by Syed Ehtisham and I am inserting it into this thread about “American Identity” because it has relevance to the topic. I am not even sure all these projections will come to pass in their entirety but what if they do? And what about the 50 more years after that. Most of us reading this may not be around in 2110 but for those who wonder what this country will be like for their descendants it may be a troubling scenario. One may disagree whether that eventual identity will be better or worse but one cannot deny that that identity will change.


        Islam Will Overtake Christianity as THE Major Religion…but How Soon?

        According to a new report from the Pew Research Center, Muslims will double their share of the U.S. population by 2050. And while that’s disconcerting enough for anyone who has seen the seedy underbelly of Islam, the report’s other finding may be even more distressing. The report claims that by the end of the century, Islam will overtake Christianity as the world’s dominant religion.

        Perhaps not incidentally, the study was published at the end of a week that saw two major Islamic terrorist attacks kill more than 50 innocent people in England and Egypt.

        The study came to its conclusions by analyzing current demographic trends. Muslims are much younger, on average, than their Christian counterparts, and they are simply having more babies per capita. If the current rates continue along the trendlines, the Muslim population will grow by 70 PERCENT between now and 2060. That’s compared to an overall global growth rate of 32%, and it is well beyond the growth rates within Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism.

        “Muslims are also the youngest (median age of 24 years old in 2015) of all major religious groups, seven years younger than the median age of non-Muslims,” said the study. “As a result, a larger share of Muslims already are, or will soon be, at the point in their lives when they begin having children. This, combined with high fertility rates, will fuel Muslim population growth.”

        Unless there are drastic reforms within Islam – and soon – this means that the problems we’re seeing today with hardline, extremist ideologies and terrorism will only get worse as time goes on. What we’re seeing in certain areas of Europe today will be coming to the United States before long. Don’t expect the vast oceans to protect us in a globalized world. We’ve already seen how the left reacts when you even THINK about curtailing any form of immigration; Trump’s presidency may stem the flood temporarily, but it will take a national change in mindset to change things for good.

        Aside from their views on things like terrorism and Sharia law, which vary widely depending on which country the Muslims are from, it’s worth noting that an explosion – ahem – in the American Muslim population would be a boon for the Democratic Party. From Pew:

        When it comes to political and social views, Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (70%) than the Republican Party (11%) and to say they prefer a bigger government providing more services (68%) over a smaller government providing fewer services (21%).

  10. Before I try to give my opinion on what is a nation’s identity, I would like to bring to the attention of those who have thrown light on this issue, some lines from my first posting. “The father of AMERICAN IDENTITY is Thomas Paine (1737-1809) who, expounded, “The cause of America is, in great measure, the cause of all mankind. He defined his socio-political philosophy through his doctrine of natural harmony of individual interests, believing that man is naturally designed for society. He was a passionate exponent of universal male suffrage, which helped develop AMERICAN IDENTITY as a UNIVERSAL IDENTITY–- a universal nation struggling and fighting for the causes far beyond America’s national cause.”

    Whatever has been discussed and projected so far is not AMERICAN IDENTITY rather it is all about American political, economical, social and philosophical system. Systems change during the course of time, as we see today that the current president with support from his political party is trying to change and reshape the system. An example of a nation’s identity can be viewed from Alexander the Great and his subject that, when Alexander defeated the Persian King of Kings whose subject would prostrate before him, crawling on their bellies, eyes averted, until they reached his feet, Alexander also demanded his Macedonian followers to prostrate before him. The tough old Greek warriors laughed at the new requirement, and Alexander, embarrassed, quickly withdrew his new order. This is because the pupil of Aristotle in a fit of power had forgotten the “Greek Identity,” the concept of personal freedom.

    We known that the Americans have fought and laid their lives in wars at many places in the world, i.e., the two World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Iraq and Syrian wars and so on, but none of these wars posed a danger to America’s own land and people. Young Americans–all of them children of immigrants–have laid their lives fighting for others–fighting to uphold their UNIVERSAL IDENTITY. America has been showering money–though with many good and bad results as well as with some hidden motifs–on undeveloped countries, only to keep AMERICAN IDENTITY of universalism. American universalism is in fact same as the one expounded by Allama Iqbal in one of his verse in Farsi, “har mulk, mulk-e-maast, keh mulk-e-Khuda-e-maast” that every country is our country because it is the country of our Lord.

    I, therefore, am convinced that the true “American Identity” is founded on the concept of its “Universal Identity” of the people that attracts more and more immigrants to come to this country. Every wave of immigrants has faced tons of problems posed even by the free and disciplined socio-political, judicial, and constitutional rules and regulations of this country; but gradually the immigrants have assimilated in this country all because of the UNIVERSAL IDENTITY of this great nation. They lay their lives fighting against the countries from which they had migrated, even knowing that no Korean, Vietnami, Afghani, Iraqi, Syrian or so has posed a direct danger to the people and land of the country they have adopted as their new homeland.


    • Mirza Sahib, I think what you are describing is American Ideals which we proudly lapel on our chest and lecture rest of the world as our identity. Rest of the world tries to emulate our ideals of liberty and pursues of happiness, and it is the main draw for immigrants to migrate to USA. But the brief thought I wrote, and the article link I attached, is discussing the national identity in the context of many voices, in USA and Europe, which claim that national identity is being diluted due to immigrants. What national identity they are referring to which is being diluted? If national identity encompasses American Ideals, which is an elastic measure and every good thing can be included into this, then how immigrants are diluting it? Immigrants love these ideals more than anybody else. Overall immigrants are more law abiding than native-born Americans (http://www.businessinsider.com/immigrants-commit-less-crime-than-native-born-americans-trump-speech-2017-3). The only thing immigrants are diluting, as Dr. Shoeb referred to in his comment, is dominant European social culture and white race.
      In this context, how do you define American Identity/Citizenship beyond being patriotic law abiding citizen?

  11. Following comments came by email from Dr. Ehtisham and Wequar Azeem Sahib.

    Comment by Dr. Ehtisham

    White people lived in a very inhospitable climate, the land did not
    produce enough for people to be adequately fed, that is why they went all
    over, colonized nearly the whole earth and practiced genocide on small
    populations-Australia, Americas, New Zealand. A subsidiary reason for
    running away from their home countries was religious/sectarian
    persecution. (A rather more interesting hypothesis is by Elijah Muhammad,
    that originally all humans were black. A group of scientists asked for a
    grant for research from the government, which it turned down. The incensed
    scientists abducted a few hundred kids and took them to Europe and
    practiced genetic engineering on them to make them white).The reasons
    whites were able to overcome people in India was that Indians lived a life
    of ease, had become complacent and did not have a large navy. People in
    Africa had gone through eons of desertification and had been weakened.
    People in Americas were few in number; American Indians had actually
    welcomed whites who returned the favor by giving Indians small pox
    polluted blankets. They practiced genocide in South America too.The
    British were the worst colonizers; the French, though not much better,
    called them perfidious Albion.The concept of liberty, equality and
    tolerance in the US constitution were only for Whites.The civil was was
    not to liberate Blacks, it was a conflict between agricultural South and
    Industrial North. Lincoln, himself, made racist statements.We have to take
    what the corporate controlled media and ‘scholars’ tell us with a huge
    pinch of salt. Dr. S. Akhtar Ehtisham
    Blog syedehtisham.blogspot.com

    ———————– Comment by Wequar Azeem

    American identity is not the same as America’s founding fathers’ ideology.
    America fought almost all wars to establish, promote and enforce its
    supremacy as the super power in the world. It did not resort to physical
    occupation of other regions, but it did over power the other regions
    economically and militarily for usurping their natural resources as if it
    was America’s birth right. No war was fought by America for ideological
    reasons. The primary motivation was economic advantage camouflaged by
    geopolitical rhetoric. America’s national identity is a fluid concept
    acquiring different thrusts at different time albeit under similar sounding
    words for the sake of appearances.
    On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 5:35 PM, wrote:

    • I usually don’t respond to parts of comments that have very little to do with the original topic – in this case it was “What is American identity”. But in this case I’d like to. I won’t go through all the inaccuracies in this comment but only a few.

      First of all not all whites went looking for food. The Scandinavians- more so from Iceland probably did. The English, French, Dutch, Spanish & Portuguese did not. Barring short periods of famine these folks had enough food. The English certainly did not go all the way to New Zealand – a months long journey – for food. It was for trade, money, spread of religion and finally from a spirit of adventure and exploration.(Shame on them for what they did to local populations). And only when you have enough food would you even think of such daring expeditions.

      Second inaccuracy is not all of Africa was going through “desertification”. There is the Sahara in the north, the Kalahari in the south along with the Namib desert along the coast of Namibia. Most of the rest of the African continent is lush. The first humans could not have appeared in a desert.

      But even if all the statements in this comment from Dr. Ehtisham are correct the question I have is if the Whites were able to go to “far off places in search of food”, why couldn’t the Africans do the same if they were “weakened by eons of desertification”. Why didn’t the latter try to find places with plentiful food? According to you both were subject to harsh climates.My question applies to 500 years ago when colonialism cannot be quoted as a reason. Could it be a lack of spirit of adventure and exploration and the courage and knowledge to set out on a boat and travel thousands of miles in uncharted territory?

  12. Comment by Imtiaz Bokhari by email

    HI, TFUSA Members

    Since the United States was founded in the 18th century, Americans have defined themselves not by their racial, religious, and ethnic identity but by their common values and belief in individual freedom
    (From Google)

    The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 represents a significant watershed moment in Asian American history. Reversing decades of systematic exclusion and restrictive immigration policies, the Act resulted in unprecedented numbers of immigrants from Asia, Mexico, Latin America, and other non-western nations entering the U.S. In the process, these new arrivals, particular from Asia, have transformed the demographic, economic, and cultural characteristics of many urban areas, the larger Asian American community, and mainstream American society in general.

    I was reading all the comments submitted on American Identity, but I felt that there was something lacking in their assessments. I did a lot of research to access sources that constitute AI.

    I read some of the English writers to buttress my point of view. One of the most popular writers is G.K. Chesterton (May 1885 to June 1936) a profile writer and critic in the Victorian era. He remarked “America is a nation with a soul of a church”. The United States has certain core political principles enshrined in the founding texts like the Declaration of Independence that rely on ethnic kinship from European countries.

    Currently some opposing views are emerging that are dividing our country, by demographics and culture. Donald Trump’s campaign reinforced a schism between the Republicans and Democratic parties.

    An Associated Press poll found what kind of culture is important for American Identity and that 66 % of Democrats as compared 35% of Republicans said that mixing of cultures and values from around the world were important to American Identity. A majority of Democrats believe minority groups such as African-American, immigrants, Muslims; gay and transgender people face a lot of discrimination in the country. Republicans are less likely to believe that minority groups face discrimination. They believe Christians experience more discrimination, a perception transmitted by their parents.

    Immigrant children especially from Asian countries (Indian, Pakistani and Koreans) are very successful in academies and excel in all Ivy League schools and pursue medical and computer science careers.
    Since the arrival of immigrants after law passed (1965) that allowed people from Asian countries to migrate has been difficult for white people to accept that these people live according to their cultural values and do not assimilate in the Western cultural and social values as they envisage.

    Identity Formation

    The social and national identities can be formed into two variables:
    Objective and Subjective elements

    Objective elements are depicted as symbols: myths, language, religion, geography and the mode of life, common history, values, traditions.

    Subjective elements are we internalized as we grow and learn in the continuum of time and space. They are in state of flux, constantly changing our mode of thinking, they are in the realm of social sciences psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology.

    In the final analysis I can safely say from my vantage point that changes we are seeing in demographic brought by the immigrants are very tangible and cannot be ignored by Trump and his associates have to learn to live with them.

    Thank You

    Sources: New York Times article The Collapse of American Identity, May 17th 2017
    Google various articles on American Identity
    International Journal of Humanities June, 2013

  13. So far whatever, Fayyaz Saheb, Imtiaz Saheb, Shoeb Saheb and others have reflected upon the issue of American Identity, is all based on the socio-political values and system of American democracy. These values can be adopted—and to some aspects have been adopted—by any other nation and any other country of the world. For example, if France, Brazil, India or any other country adopt all of the American values explicated by the commenters here, a French, Brazilian, Indian Identity will not be same as we have American Identity.
    American value system is clearly composed of three values that appear on all US coins and bills: “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” “e pluribus unum: [from many, one]. No other country of the world lists these three as its core values. This trinity of values, makes AMERICAN IDENTITY unique which is embedded in what the great thinker of American political science Thomas Paine (1737-1809) had expounded, “The cause of America is, in great measure, the cause of all mankind.” He was a passionate exponent of universal male suffrage, which helped develop AMERICAN IDENTITY as a UNIVERSAL IDENTITY—a universal nation struggling and fighting for the causes far beyond America’s national cause. American “universalism is characterized by knowledge, liberal activities, religious freedom, etc., not just for an American, but for the whole of humanity. As a “universalist” a person seeks to have American identify as a citizen of the world. Young Americans lay their lives, in any part of the world, not because their homeland has been attacked and that their liberties within the border of their country are at stake. They fight, overtly to liberate people from the tyranny of a dictator; economic aid is given for the uplift of the poor nations; educational programs are introduced; food supplies are provided and so on. Though covertly there are many other interests for the benefit of their country, we can say resources or trade—but an American citizen is not concerned about all the covert interests of the policy makers of his country; for him it is just a side business.

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