One thought on “Rising Iranian-Pakistani Tensions Render Pakistani Policy Unsustainable

  1. This is remarkable short paper by Dr. James Dorsey on Pakistan’s balancing act between Iran and Saudi Arabia’s ongoing conflict. It covers many possibilities of Pakistan foreign policy prospective vis-a-vis the Iran issue. I am glad Mr. Nasik Elahi, calling this “a madness of the Muslim mindset” brought this issue to Thinkers Forum.

    From the Muslim perspective we should be extremely worried by this paper and the news that Saudi monarchy is planning to expand their sectarian war to Iran by promoting revolt or subversive activities inside Iran. Of course, such a plan will get full support from the Zionists and anti-Muslim forces who do not care if the whole Middle East is in flames and every Arab or Irani child is orphaned.

    An estimated over one million Iraqis died during the recent conflict in Iraq (Wikipedia). And about 470,000 died in the Syrian conflict (Wikipedia). A potential two million could have been displaced in Iraq after the Sunni jihadist offensive (United Nations to NDTV, written by Amitabh Revi/ Updated Jun 28, 2014), and 5 million Syrians are refugees and 6.3 million displaced within Syria (World Vision, Updated April 2017). Whole neighborhoods, villages and cities were reduced to rubbles in Iraq and Syria during the recent American invasion and later Taliban, Isis and Jihadist conflicts, revolts and rebellions.

    According to news reports, there is a real humanitarian crisis in Yemen because of the Saudis indiscriminate bombing. Are the Saudi royal family not happy yet that they want more Muslim blood to shed, more children orphaned, more villages and cities reduced to rubbles?

    Pakistan, under no circumstances should be a part of this Saudi nefarious plan. Pakistan has its own myriad of both internal and external problems. Any foolish policy for the sake of Saudi money or jobs could unravel and destabilize Pakistan itself.

    Pakistan should refrain from any anti Iranian activity and try to unite the Muslim ummah. I suggest that there should a meeting of all Islamic states or major players in the Middle East to reaffirm their commitment to UN charter and other international treaties honoring and respecting the territorial integrity and independence of all the states in the region. Member states should refrain from supporting any subversive activities against another member. Pakistan being the largest Muslim state and a nuclear power in this region has important role to play. Pakistan should see that reason prevail.
    Zaki Sabih

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