‘World Religions & Their Growth in USA and the World’ By F. Sheikh

There was email discussion among few participants whether Islam is the fastest growing religion in USA. I thought let me do some research. I found some interesting articles on all religions including non religious groups. I am sharing them below with affiliates.


“The study, which Pew says is the first of its kind, bases its projections on the age of populations, fertility and mortality rates, as well as migration and conversion patterns. Simply put, Muslims are having larger families, retaining more members (conversions are illegal in some Muslim nations) and are younger than adherents of other faiths. More than 1 in 3 Muslims is younger than 15.”

“Atheists, agnostics and religiously unaffiliated people will increase in the United States (from 16% to 26%) but decline as a share of the total worldwide population.

— Also in the United States, Christians will drop from 78% to 66% of population. Muslims will surpass Jews as the largest non-Christian religion in the U.S.

— Sub-Saharan African will be home to 40% of the Christian population and Nigeria have more Christians than any other country except for the United States and Brazil.

— India will have the largest Muslim population in the world, passing Indonesia, but Hindus will retain a majority.

— More than 10% of Europeans will be Muslim, while the number of Christians in Europe will drop by 100 million.

— Hinduism (1.4 billion adherents) and Judaism (16 million) will increase, while Buddhists will be about the same size as in 2010 (5.2 million).”


2010 US Religions Census;

“Data released Tuesday from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census shows Islam was the fastest growing religion in America in the last 10 years, with 2.6 million living in the U.S. today, up from 1 million in 2000.

Immigration from parts of the Muslim world and a small rise in conversions are the driving force behind the growth, researchers said. Jones also speculated that the burst of anti-Islam sentiment after the 9/11 attacks could have done more to grow the religion’s presence in the U.S. than slow it. Those on the fence about converting to Islam may have decided to do so on principle.”


NYT 2/25/08

“The survey also indicates that the group that had the greatest net gain was the unaffiliated. More than 16 percent of American adults say they are not part of any organized faith, which makes the unaffiliated the country’s fourth largest “religious group.”

Immigration continues to influence American religion greatly, the survey found. The majority of immigrants are Christian, and almost half are Catholic. Muslims rival Mormons for having the largest families. And Hindus are the best-educated and among the richest religious groups, the survey found.

“I think politicians will be looking at this survey to see what groups they ought to target,” Professor Prothero said. “If the Hindu population is negligible, they won’t have to worry about it. But if it is wealthy, then they may have to pay attention.”

Experts said the wide-ranging variety of religious affiliation could set the stage for further conflicts over morality or politics, or new alliances on certain issues, as religious people have done on climate change or Jews and Hindus have done over relations between the United States, Israel and India.

“It sets up the potential for big arguments,” Mr. Green said, “but also for the possibility of all sorts of creative synthesis. Diversity cuts both ways.”


Guinness Book Of World Record;

“However, according to others, including the 2003 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion by number of conversions each year: “Although the religion began in Arabia, by 2002 80% of all believers in Islam lived outside the Arab world.”


3 thoughts on “‘World Religions & Their Growth in USA and the World’ By F. Sheikh

  1. Alarming; everything that can be deduced from this research is alarming. Increase in population is alarming, declining non-affiliated (atheists/agnostics) is alarming, with the increasing population of the world, Muslim’s fertility rate giving Muslims majority is most alarming (because its the least liked group). Good news is in America only; the percentage of Muslims will still be around 2% of total Americans by 2050. The percentage decrease in Christian population is almost equal to percentage increase of atheists – and this 10 percent of majority Christians (who are 78% in US) dropping Christianity in favor of atheist-ism, as per my wishful math, will be a lot , a lot more than total increase in the Muslim Americans. Mirza Sahib should get to work immediately to slice it differently.

    Now talking about America another thing is to be noted; the states with higher literacy rate (in higher education) vote Democratic and states with lower rate of higher education vote Republican and we know that Democrats are liberal and Republicans are conservatives…and my wishful analysis again is that higher the education the less religious generally. We can note another thing that the highest boost to religious population will be in Africa…most backward!! So to put it simply, advance and educated American are becoming atheists and since they are educated their fertility rate is in check whereas less bright population is more fertile (not much on their mind except reproductive drive) and more religious. I am sorry to put it this way and hurt feelings of my religious friends but this is how it is. Data does not lie, data is oblivious to intellectual interpretations.


  2. I would like to make a little correction in my comment above; I got carried away thinking that 10% increase of non-affiliated Americans was equal to 10% decrease of Christians. Its not so, the non-affiliated are 16% and their increase of 10% will not be equal to, and will be much less than, 10% of 78% Christians. But if I read it correctly, Muslims are about 0.9% of American population and will double approx. and become nearly 2% by 2050.

    Noor Sahib will do me a favor by confirming (as he is in to mathematics these days) that if America’s population is 319 million, atheists (@10%increase of 16%) will increase by 5.1 million whereas Muslims (@100%of 0.9%) will increase by 2.87 million…. still a lot more atheists than Muslims will increase in America by 2050.


  3. ” Mirza Sahib should get to work immediately to slice it differently”–Thanks Babar Sahib for inviting me to help you out of “khushfehmi” of increasing numbers of atheists in USA. Since your relation with Islam is antagonistic, you have no idea about the élan vital of Islam which is Jihad–for which number is meaningless. Not to mention the early Muslims, Babar entered India with less than twenty thousand jihadi warriors. My book, “Islamic Civilization’s Religious, Political, Cultural, and Modern Aspects” is complete and is in the hand of the editor. It will take couple of months to be published. I believe it is not for you. But for you one big amazement is that Muslims neither hate nor dislike atheists. In religious Islam, an atheist is not punishable, it is only the “mushrik” who is doomed to hell. Atheists are safe and they have a chance of one or two dozens of virgins as compared to six dozens that a mullah is promising to the believers–though this number is no where in the Qur’an.

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