Qatale Hussain By Muhammad Ali Johar with English Translation By Mirza Ashraf

Written by the activist, political leader, poet MAULANA MUHAMMAD ALI JOHAR (1878-1931)

A time of life will appear after the killing decree,

After Your finale scene, it’s our beginning spree.


Life is meaningless when heart has no longing,

Heart  without a longing is all but death’s belonging.


Who has the fortitude to challenge and confront You,

But my blood is charismatic after your henna’s hue.


Taste of love’s food isn’t yet flavorsome furnished,

Real flavor of offensive-wish is after it is punished.


Murder of noble Hussein in fact is death of tyrant Yazeed,

Islam rises up again after every Karbala’s ruinous misdeed.


(Translation attempted by MIRZA ASHRAF)