‘ Rubai’ by Ahsan Mahmood

نظر اٹھتی نہیں ہے اور سر جھکتا بھی نہیں

منزل چاہتے  ہیں نگاہ میں مگر کوشش ہی نہیں

راستہ ماپ کر نکلے تھے ممبر سے متقیں

سمت معلوم نہ تھی، پر تھا گماں کوٴی نہیں

احسن محمود 


One thought on “‘ Rubai’ by Ahsan Mahmood

  1. Well said: WAH WAH! It is a beautiful Rubai not a Qata’a. In a Rubai the first second and third lines are rhyming while in a Qata’a the second and fourth lines are rhyming. Ahsan Sahib, this Rubai presents your thought very intelligently. I would like to hear more from you.
    ( Thank you Mirza Sahib for correction. It was my mistake. The Rubai came without any heading. It has been corrected. Editor of the month)

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