Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

We heard all our lives

But why…

Why those wishes don’t realize the way we want them to?

Why the beautiful punchlines are missed…

Why are we elated?

To then find those unfortunate twists…?

What would it cost the universe

To do it right once

To custom design it the way we wanted

To say here you go

Your wish is fully granted !

What would it cost…

Perhaps the loss of scared people

Desperately sticking to faith…

Trying hard,

But bitter and full of hate

Praying and making wishes

And getting shocked every time

…because wishing for that perfect outcome

Was really their crime!

I wanted to present this case

Wanted to ask why

Why this shred of happiness which actually ends up in a desperate cry….

So I did

And someone within me spoke up

Saying look at each of your wishes

And look what you have got

Your wishes were granted almost word to word!

So why do you feel that you were not heard…?

Idea is to enlighten you!

Not through pain, but through unusual event or two

Idea is not only to reach immediate, fun outcome

Idea is to make you wiser, a much better person

Idea is for you to find eventual happiness

Instead of pushing you into complete madness

….you may not realize, but we actually cleared the way

Just so you can experience this amazing day!

You are infatuated with small scenes

Not knowing the eventual dangers

You don’t know the dark allies

Or the lurking strangers

We do!

We do

And so we always craft the outcome

That is only best for you


3rd June, 2015

One thought on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. A beautiful poem by Natasha. What a thoughtful reflection that we are elated as our wishes are granted, but the unfortunate twist is when the outcome we expect is not the outcome that we get from the fulfilled wish. Thus the warning we often hear that “be careful what you wish for.” It is full of wisdom conveying the “Idea is not only to reach immediate, fun outcome; Idea is to make you wiser, a much better person . . . ” But in the end she has left it for us to think, “Can we learn wisdom or it is bestowed to us naturally?”

    Mirza Ashraf

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