Top Five Misquotations Of The Quran –; submitted by Tahir Mahmood

The recent surge in negative sentiments towards Islam and Muslims has resulted in many attempts to depict the religion as inherently violent. This has also resulted in absurd accusations against the Qur’an. What are the five most frequently misquoted passages in the Qur’an? Do accusations of violence stand up to academic scrutiny, or are the verses being distorted to suggest the opposite of what they actually say?


One thought on “Top Five Misquotations Of The Quran –; submitted by Tahir Mahmood

  1. The above 5 “misquotations” are misquotations only if we accept that the Quran is a historical document and not an eternal document. If you accept this five of its quotations as historical (relating only to the time that the Prophet lived), then you open a can of worms with people asking “if these 5 are historical, why not some of the others, like the ones on interest, polygamy”? And that would eventually erode the divine authority of the Quran. And then you’d have fights – as Muslims usually do – about who has the authority to say which verses are historical and which eternal.

    Muslims have to stop being duplicitous and not speak from both sides of the mouth. If we believe that the Quran and the Prophet’s sayings and his actions are immutable – as a lot of Muslims believe – then the 5 “misquotations” are really immutable quotes for those believers, some of them who are very learned, in whose eyes violence in the name of religion is justified.


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