ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul

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This is the ultimate sign of insanity of ISIL and its reign of terror. To burn down historical records is to deny their very humanity. No Muslim or human being can condone such actions.

3 thoughts on “ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul

  1. This is barbarism, rather than insanity. The whole world is witnessing the barbarism of the Badu Saudis–rulers as well as the Wahhabi Mullahs. It is also clear now that the ISIS is being guided, controlled, and commanded by the NGOs established in that region through the Saudis. The final motif is to destroy and erase signs of regional lines as well as cultural heritage, so that new regions can be created and borderlines be re-drawn. We all know the chaos from “Neel ke sahil se lay kar ta ba khak-e-rood-e-Sind” is a planned one. It is perfectly progressing the way the bosses, who have the strings in their hands, want it to work.

  2. Execution style killings on the basis of sect or religion by ISIS now followed by burning of books seems to be an attempt to create the terror which this part of the world experienced at the hands of Halaqu Khan in the past. The people who execute these acts are certainly degenerated and insane and what bothers me more is the question that how such people are easily recruited by cold blooded planners behind them? How in the world young Muslim girls from UK are leaving home to be part of this insanity?

    Whoever might be the planners, one thing is certain that they know that shock and awe works, cowards begin appeasing and weaken the resistance. Iraq and Syria both nations have kowtowed to dictators (Saddam ruled for 30 years and Asad family for 40+ years) who were/are no less barbarians themselves. It is about time these nations stood up for themselves. There should not be a need for Americans to come back and help them get rid of the scum. The rest of Arabs who are living in kingdoms are not any better. I am glad that at least Pakistan is going after such degenerates with full resolve and not succumbing to them. There is no easy way to eradicate this menace, there will be blood.


  3. I am heartsick and deeply saddened to learn that terrorists, those jihadi animals are burning library in the city of Mosul. The Mosul Library has many rare books and manuscripts. They are destroying our heritage and our treasures. These terrorists are brainless animals and scum of the Earth.

    I do not understand why Turkey, a secular Muslim country, is allowing these terrorists to pass through its border into Syria and then to Iraq? Thousands of foreign terrorists and jihadis are going to join ISIL even now. Both Syria and Iraq have secular governments. So what is Turkey doing? What is the role of Turkish President Erdogan in thist? And on the other hand, as you have correctly pointed,out the Baddus, the Bedouin monarchy, is bankrolling the whole operation. What a mess.

    Zaki Sabih

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