“Terrorist Attack in Copenhagen” By F. Sheikh

Another hideous and senseless terrorist attack in Copenhagen took innocent lives. Our sincere sympathies to the family and friends of the victims. We condemn such hideous acts unequivocally.

Unfortunately the knee jerk reaction is going to be as usual to increase the security measures. Unfortunately the problem is not the security measures but many alienated and angry Muslim youths, many of whom have no jobs, are discriminated against at every level in Europe. These are European born youths who are treated as aliens in their own country. More than 50% of the jail population in France is filled with Muslims which are prime target for extreme version of Islam.

Mr. Valls, PM of France, while reflecting on Paris terrorist attack said;

“A territorial, social, ethnic apartheid has spread across our country”

He cited “daily discrimination” against those who do not “have the right family name or the right skin color, or because the person is a woman.”

I hope some concrete action is taken on what Mr. Valls is acknowledging.