The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein online

The Digital Einstein Papers is an exciting new free, open-access website that puts The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein online for the very first time, bringing the writings of the twentieth century’s most influential scientist to a wider audience than ever before. This unique, authoritative resource provides full public access to the complete transcribed, annotated, and translated contents of each print volume of The Collected Papers. The volumes are published by Princeton University Press, sponsored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and supported by the California Institute of Technology. The Digital Einstein—launched in December 2014 with the contents of Volumes 1–13 of The Collected Papers, covering the first forty-four years of Einstein’s life, up to and including the award of the Nobel prize in physics and his long voyage to the Far East. The contents of each new volume will be added to the website approximately eighteen months after print publication. Eventually, the website will provide access to all of Einstein’s writings and correspondence accompanied by scholarly annotation and apparatus, which are expected to fill thirty volumes.

The Digital Einstein Papers features advanced search technology and allows users to easily navigate between the original languages in which the texts were written and their English translation, as well as extensive explanatory footnotes and introductory essays. The website also contains links to the Einstein Archives Online, where there are thousands of high-quality digital images of Einstein’s writings.

The Digital Einstein Papers:

  • Is an exciting new free, open-access website that puts The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein online for the very first time
  • Launched in December 2014 with the complete contents of Volumes 1–13 of The Collected Papers
  • Includes scientific writings and correspondence, nonscientific writings, family letters, notebooks, lectures, and travel diaries Features advanced search technology and easy navigation
  • Contains links to the Einstein Archives Online—
  • Is built on an innovative digital publishing platform from Tizra, ensuring long-term reliability and up-to-date technology

More about The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein:

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein is one of the most ambitious publishing ventures ever undertaken in the documentation of the history of science. Selected from among more than 40,000 documents contained in Einstein’s personal collection, and 15,000 Einstein and Einstein-related documents discovered by the editors since the beginning of the Einstein Project, The Collected Papers provides the first complete picture of a massive written legacy that ranges from Einstein’s first work on the special and general theories of relativity and the origins of quantum theory, to expressions of his profound concern with civil liberties, education, Zionism, pacifism, and disarmament. When completed, the series will contain more than 14,000 documents as full text and will fill thirty volumes.

Posted by F. Sheikh