A Poem by Natasha



Loneliness complained
I turned a deaf ear
Loneliness tried to explain
But I know the fears…


Loneliness looked into my eyes Quietly
I turned away…
I know the sadness
But what could I possibly say?


I too have walked on that barren land
I have heard those echoes
I have seen the darkness
Have longed for a shadow


I have suffered through those lonely nights
I have lived those gloomy days
I have faced those empty moments… …
I am still in that maddening maze!


Screams fill the air
None can be heard
Something dies each second
But not a single leaf is stirred


I know how it is I know the hurt is true

You try to get up and breathe,

but breaths are rare and few..


…knowing all, I then offered myself

So quietly we started to walk

On the secluded path, so hazy and cold

We walked together

With no one to hold