What Would al Qaeda’s PowerPoints Say?

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It seems unlikely that al Qaeda holds conference calls to do business, and they probably don’t use PowerPoints. But for the sake of discussion, what if they did? And if they held one today, what would their presentation look like?

To al Qaeda, there would be much about which to gloat:

Slide one: “We have survived the infidel’s mightiest blows.” The terrorist group’s primary objective is to keep its jihad alive. Al Qaeda cannot control its own destiny, but it can try to exploit circumstances by insinuating itself into local conflicts.


3 thoughts on “What Would al Qaeda’s PowerPoints Say?

  1. One thing I don’t understand about all this Al Qaeda stuff: Have a look at Muslims today. The OIC, being the world’s third largest organization, consisting of the Heads of States of all the Muslim countries in the world since over 40 years, couldn’t resolve a single issue to the member countries. If such a powerful (or a should be powerful) organization in the world could not do anything, how could an underground terrorist organization, loathed by the majority of the world, works so effectively that the whole world’s military and economic power can not tackle it.
    There is one thing I firmly believe in: “Whenever you see a fool acting out his foolishness in open, there is a wicked hiding in complexity controlling him”.
    A food for thought!

  2. There is no need to be dejected and concluding that Al Qaida is winning. Evil will remain alive just like it has been since the beginning of time, There is no utopia, no crime has ever been 100% eradicated. We have to continue living with evil just like we continue to live with diseases and bacteria, keeping some control with antibiotics. There are a few antibiotics for this disease, like education and equal opportunity and justice, which if applied with resolve can control this outbreak.
    So what if these animals are out of control in a tiny part of the world like Afghanistan and Wasirastan – they will only be eliminated when the local population gets fed up with them and does not support and nourish them and there is no quick fix to change the mentality of a population that is about a thousand years behind at least from the modern world.


  3. Therein lies the conundrum of modern terrorism. A small network with relatively primitive means, can terrorize through acts of violence that nation states are unable to prevent. Al Qaida has morphed into a brand name for a variety of groups — religious or ethnic and/or criminal— that carry on in various parts of the world. Such groups can never win because they remain so few in numbers and fear is their only reason for existing.


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