Is America The Greatest Country In The World ?

In a recent article “ How to think-Food for Thought”, Mian Aslam argued that signs of American decline are every where, but these voices are silenced by nationalist media and we refuse to see the obvious. Some argue that America is in terrible shape as long as we don’t compare it with the rest of the World. Mr.Obama says that America is back, and those who say it is on decline, don’t know what they are talking about. Mr. David Brooks of NYT, writes in his recent column “ Where Obama Shines” 

“Over all, though, the record is impressive. Obama has moved more aggressively both to defeat enemies and to champion democracy. He has demonstrated that talk of American decline is hooey. The U.S. is still responsible for maintaining global order, for keeping people, goods and ideas moving freely.”

The clip from a new HBO series ” The News Room” provides a new perspective , close to Mian Aslam’ s opinion. The “youtube clip” was forwarded by Azeem Farooki. Click below to watch amazing commentary.

Fayyaz Sheikh