On a quest for identity

Recently we were having discussion on identity from religious point of view. In Pakistan,   despite the onslaught of religious extremism, National Academy of Performing Arts ( NAPA) is trying to define Identity based on cultural heritage. Click link below to video link;


Posted By F. Sheikh

One thought on “On a quest for identity

  1. I attempted to watch the video.
    It is an excellent attempt to look at life from alternative angles.
    To look at identity other than from religious aspect is an advanced concept which should be discussed by TF USA affiliates.
    One of the speakers in the video mentioned that in Islamic culture emphasis is on the spoken word whereas other forms of expressions should be explored and encouraged.
    Duration of the video listed is 6.41 minutes but I was able to run the video for few seconds over 4 minutes.
    Please watch it and then it can be discussed.
    Noor Salik

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