BY Abid A. Kazi

It’s often written and said that face is the reflection of your soul

We still fail to recognize any person as a whole


When we are happy from inside so is the face

Our inner reflection is that very grace


Frequently we are shadowed by lust

This is very common no one is in this race first


All of us try to put up a face even in stress

It’s the way we have over come hurdles to ward any guess


Clever we may think ourselves yet lack the art to fight

How often we fail to strike


End or beginning all must be done with a happy face

Solutions are often found with love and grace


Men and machines may win the battles on hand

It’s the happiness of our faces which guides the marching bands


Give love and understanding if you really want the satisfaction of soul

It’s simple and straight to win the final goal


Abid A Kazi