Iqbal’s Death Anniversary

Today is Iqbal’s death anniversary. To pay him homage I am forwarding one of his Persian verse translated by me in Urdu. It is self explanatory. True meaning of the verses in Persian are that, ‘after me, people will read my verses and say that a person of self-awareness changed the world.’ Since we do not try to understand but only read his message, so in Urdu translation I have (if you excuse me) omitted the translation of “daryaabaand” meaning they explore and find out.

Mirza Ashraf

فارسی از علامہ اقبال

پس از من شعرِ من خواند و دریابند و می گویند
زمانے را دگر گوں کرد یک مردِ خود آگاہے 

اردو ترجمہ ، اشرف

مرے اشعار میرے بعد پڑھتے ہیں تو کہتے ہیں
کہ اک مردِ خود آگاہ نے زمانے کو بدل ڈالا

meray asha’ar meray ba’ad pardtay hain to kehtay hain
keh ik mard-e-khud aagah ne zmaney ko badal daala