The Limit! By Abid A. Kazi



Who we are and what’s our aim in this world,

We cross our boundaries to conquer other’s world.


Tempest and fury we raise to destroy only to be victor.

Why do we take such measures without any factor?


Knowing that nothing in this universe is forever,

We forget our limits and build castles to stay forever.


Some call themselves blue blood and some royals,

We are all slaves of our Creator who keeps all the files.


What we do or hear remains with us till end,

And all our voices stay with us till the end.


Do the best we can with love and care we know,

None is guaranteed to see next moment before one has to go.


Age is number inching towards the end in sight,

We destroy others to make our own future bright.


What good will be this world where fittest can only survive,

Can’t we pledge today in our own word to help every one survive.


Know your limits and stay within the norm,

Promise if you can’t share love at least do not harm.



Abid A Kazi


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