The End Game! By Abid A. Kazi

How do we evaluate as to who becomes a hero
Many times our judgment is wrong and it ends up zero

We all like to look up to people who are examples in their fields
In order to make a change among us we must yield

Machines may look mightier than the men in looks
Remember these were manufactured by men with strong hooks

When peace is incarcerated by the forces of evil around
Wisdom and non violence must stay firm on the ground

History often reveals sad part of success as it came
Atrocities and hardship has to take the blame

The solution is always closer than we expect
Do we have the courage and guts to accept?

All the beginnings have come to stage for bargaining and bend
How graciously we embrace the end it all depends


2 thoughts on “The End Game! By Abid A. Kazi

  1. I liked this poem very much.
    It flows like a brook.
    It is a prime example of poetic expression “Sehl-e-Mumtinah”
    The words are familair but thoughts are deep and profound.
    The expressions are thoughtful, enlightening, judicious and expansive.

  2. Though some lines have technical flaw, but the flow of thought beautifully embedded in rhyming verses, overshadows the bonds of meter. To me it seems as Abid’s imagination is flying super-sonically without feet on the ground, without bothering to traverse the path with calculated steps and yet providing the reader with an enduring source of thoughtful pleasure.

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